Jean Capler

for Bloomington City Council at Large

Problem Solver.




I’m running for city council because I believe that while Bloomington is a special city—one committed to inclusivity, a vibrant arts community, great schools, and progressive policies—we can still do better.  Our city and county face a multifaceted crisis of interrelated problems that are depriving us of the talents and contributions of so many of our most marginalized neighbors, issues like homelessness and substance use/misuse disorders. The lack of affordable housing stymies the attraction of businesses that bring good paying jobs, drives away our homegrown young entrepreneurs, and leaves people struggling just to keep a roof over their heads. Limited public transportation limits access to jobs for some who depend on it, and keeps us reliant on cars and the expensive parking infrastructure required for them. We have strong economic development, but it too often leaves segments of our community behind.

I will bring a fresh perspective to these challenges and to help us become a healthier, more inclusive, and better working community.  My wealth of experience working with people who are often marginalized and stigmatized gives me a deep understanding of the complexity and interplay of factors that lead to substance misuse, homelessness, and criminal justice involvement. I am committed to fostering a process of problem-solving and decision-making that always centers people, that asks “who should be at this table that isn’t”, that is transparent, accessible, and leads to real action.  Together, let’s build a Bloomington that leaves no one behind, that is a Bloomington for all of us.


Monroe Country Democratic Caucasus

Democracy for Monroe County

Monroe County Black Democratic Caucus


April 13, 2019

Candidate Forum

A BIG THANK YOU to the Monroe County Black Democratic Caucus and the Bloomington Black Strategic Alliance for hosting such a great candidate forum today! Great, thought-provoking questions, and I really appreciated our young moderator! She did a wonderful job, and what a way to build leadership. Thank you again!

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April 12, 2019


It's a full house here at the FACES of ACEs conference! ACEs stands for "Adverse Childhood Experiences". Research has found that the higher the number of ACEs in a person's childhood, the higher the chances of later substance use disorders, depression and anxiety, intimate partner violence, incarceration, unintended pregnancies, smoking, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and the shorter the life span (by 20 years for those with the highest ACEs scores). Our communities need to become trauma-informed communities. Our legal system and our social services need to become trauma-informed. Our community needs to commit to fostering resilience so that we don't lose people who have gone through so much. Let's support people instead of incarcerating and stigmatizing them. We will ALL benefit!


April 9, 2019

Early Voting Starts Today

Early voting has begun! If you really want to see me elected to the city council, 2 easy ways to do that are to host a yard sign, write a letter to the editor, or both! Erin Bentley Wyatt will get you a yard sign and Kathy Byers will send you info on writing a letter to the editor (it's really easy). Reply to this post if you want to help out or message Erin or Kathy. Friends...I really need your help to make it to the city council!!


April 5, 2019

Endorsement from DFMC

I'm proud to receive the endorsement of Democracy for Monroe County!! See the list of endorsements on their Facebook page.


April 3, 2019

Jean in the IDS

I was happy to give an interview for the Indiana Daily Student. Check it out here

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March 29, 2019

Social Worker of the Year

I was honored today to receive the Social Worker of the Year award for Region 6 of the Indiana chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.